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Craig Shaw is als journalist gespecialiseerd in grensoverschrijdend onderzoek naar corruptie en mensenrechten. Met Zeynep Şentek zocht hij uit wat de nieuwe Turkse privacywet voor dat land betekent.

Karel Smouter

Pro-Erdogan supporters hold up an effigy of Islamic cleric Fethullah Gülen during a demonstration at Taksim Square in Istanbul on July 18, 2016. Photo by Ozan Kose / AFP



How Turkey invited and then quashed an attempted coup: the inside scoop

Last Friday’s coup in Turkey left us all with a world of questions. Did Erdoğan know about it? Did he plan it? Was his former comrade Fethullah Gülen behind it? We asked those in a position to know – our sources in Turkish intelligence services. They provided an insider's take on the run-up to the coup attempt, the events of that day, and the five-year political war between the Turkish president and his one-time ally.

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